Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I want, I need, I write about it instead

I need:
  • A bike ride
  • A haircut (last week's scheduled appointment had to be pushed back a week, so I'm getting it this Saturday instead, but by waiting another week, it means I might make poor decisions, like when we go grocery shopping when we're hungry and I get grumpy and impatient and eat a whole bag of chips before we even leave the parking lot)
  • A super-long trip to the bookstore
  • A flute lesson
  • To put away all the laundry I did two weekends ago
  • To do more laundry
  • A new HEPA vaccuum
  • To stop eating a bowl of popcorn every night for dinner
I want:
  • These boots
  • A pair of Bass penny loafers (thank you, J. Crew, for fueling this passion. And, were they always this expensive, because I swear I had a pair in the 80s and there's no way my mother bought them at this price?)
  • New sunglasses
  • A stylist, trainer, maid, and a personal chef
  • A 12-pack of Diet Coke for work
  • Another day to spend lying around reading science fiction
  • After 35 days of not eating meat, my brain is telling me it wants a cheeseburger, but I swear to god, brain, quit it. You do not need a cheeseburger. Think of the pretty cows.

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