Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Singing Janitor Strikes Again!

Yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday? What day is it now?) I wrote about overhearing the kindly janitor (I think I stole this from John Irving) who was crooning to himself while sweeping up the leaves in the parking lot. I ran into him again (sort of) in the afternoon.
I think I've mentioned that the room I use to pump is right next to the ladies' room. Right now it's just a closet-sized, recently painted room with a hundred year old vinyl chaise lounge (in pieces; I can't figure out how those cushions are supposed to go together) and a chair in it. Supposedly there are plans in the works to transform it into a bona fide Lactation Room but aside from painting it and repairing the acoustical tiles in the ceiling, that room looks pretty much the same as it did in 2008 when I first started working here. Since all that's required to make it "lactation ready" is to remove the ratty chaise, install a table, and change the signage, I'm not sure why this is taking so long, but as it is, it works.

When I was pregnant, I used to take some killer naps in there. Some of our Financial Services staff do too (occasionally this is an issue). I think there's one other woman who uses it to pump; sometimes we overlap our times. She only pumps once, though: I can't figure that out. I'd be leaking from here until tomorrow if I did that. Since I pump three times a day, my breaks are dedicated (no more naps, or walks). And, as you might guess, sleeping while pumping isn't recommended.

Anyway, the room is right next to the ladies' room. Close. As in, you can hear things. Including, it seems, anybody who happens to be singing while in there.

The janitor (I really have to learn his name, because, as I also mentioned yesterday, or whenever it was, he's a good guy) was in the ladies' room while I was pumping. The little closet-like room doesn't have a lock on the door, but it does have a "occupied/not occupied" sign, and I sit on the chair, which I move in front of the door. Someone would have to push against all my weight if they were trying to get in, and believe me, sometimes people (people who can't read the sign) do. But luckily I'm heavy enough to prevent anyone from busting in on me. Yes, I said "luckily."

Okay! So he was in there, singing to himself while he refilled the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, and doing whatever it is that he does while he's cleaning, but it was killing me, because I could not, for the life of me, get what song it was. He was making a little noise, banging the various doors and dispensers and flushing the toilets, and of course not doing any of that in rhythm with the song, so I was having a hard time hearing the words or even the melody of what he was singing. That he was singing, yes, I could tell. What the hell song it was, no. I was disappointed. I like finding out the type of music people listen to.

The same thing just happened, but this time I really listened hard. I still couldn't figure out the melody (if there was one; seriously, the poor guy couldn't find a melody if it up and hit him; maybe that's just a side effect of singing with headphones on, because my mom does that too), but I could pick out more of the words. I heard:

"But maybe tomorrow you'll change your mind, girl."

I forgot my iPhone today, so I had to remember those words while I packed up Exton's milk, put my shirt on, and put my pump away and walked back down the hall to my office to do a Google search on those lyrics. Turns out it's a Jackson 5 song. Without my phone I'm having trouble pulling that song up in my brain or online, but my "Maybe Tomorrow" Pandora radio station just started (with "One Day in Your Life" instead), so maybe it'll play soon so I can hear the original.

Pandora "Maybe Tomorrow" Radio:
"One Day in Your Life," by Jackson 5
"Pray," by Take That (No. I did NOT listen to this song)
"Get Your Shine On," by Jesse McCartney (see above!)
"I Wanna Be Where You Are," by Jackson 5
"I'm Stone in Love With You," by the Stylistics
"Just You and Me Baby," by the Spinners
"Baby, Baby, Don't Cry," by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

... Hmmm. This is taking forever. Maybe I'll just wait until I get home.

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