Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm at a wellness meeting. They told us to "dress comfortably" because we're going to go on a hike (!). I'm wearing jeans and converse. Not super professional but I'm cozy.

I left Patrick at home with the baby, who still has a fever and that darn cough. His temperature was 100.4; not super high but still. I would've stayed home but I had to pay to attend this meeting. Anyway, I'm leaving early.

When I checked in, the guy remembered me from my first County job, 11 years ago. That's kind of crazy.


I heard on the radio that Jeff Goldblum will be on Glee, playing one of Lea Michelle's dads. I haven't watched Glee since the first season, but isn't Jeff Goldblum old enough to be MY father?


Eating my free muffin and juice, waiting for this thing to start.


The first speaker at my meeting was awesome. I've seen him before at other Wellness meetings. His name is Dr. Frank Meza, from Kaiser. He's a very engaging speaker. The second speaker? Not so much.

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