Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 3

So far so good.

I've been carpooling from Long Beach to Santa Monica with my friend Bo. It's been fun: like the old days when we worked at Rizzoli or on past shows at City Garage. He's crazy. Last night we sang a lot of songs on the way home: I was so tired, I needed stimulation. We sang Queen songs and "Heaven," by Bryan Adams. I can't explain that Bryan Adams song: it's following me around, popping up in strange places. The fact that between the two of us, we know all the words: that's weird. I fully admit that this is not something to be proud of, and I accept your ridicule, on behalf of both of us.

Night 1 was fun. It went smoothly. Charles has been sitting in the booth with me, making changes on the fly. It's amazing to see him adjust the lighting settings then get right back into show mode. He's so fast. This booth has a slightly larger area for the operator but it's technically smaller than the old booth (but all the extraneous equipment and electrical stuff is now backstage instead, which I appreciate). He and I are smashed up together. He's sitting on a stool but I tend to stand while working - I like to stay on my toes. The audio equipment is closer so I'm not having to make that insane stretch like I used to. Anyway, I'm glad he's up there with me. Communicating with him is a lot easier when he's 2 inches away and we don't have to use those stupid headsets that never work or worse, yell at each other, him from the house, me from the booth. That was always so frustrating.

There's a guy playing live music during the show, and I'm really excited about him. He's got all kinds of drums and musical instruments and sound makers - it's pretty awesome. Apparently he can do anything. There's a lot of really nicely done music in this show. Monday, there were moments when I pried my nose out of the book and took a long long at the stage, and I was stunned. It's so beautiful. Frederique, the director, has an eye for beautiful imagery. I mean, duh: this is what she has always done, right? I'm not surprised she's created another gorgeous show. I love it.

After the rehearsal on Monday, Bo and I got back to LB pretty late. I had had a cup of coffee around 5 p.m., and I guess I underestimated the effects coffee has my system (I don't usually drink it in the evening; I guess it's more potent than diet Coke), because I couldn't get to sleep once I got home. Patrick and JP were in bed. Patrick was snoring. I was tired, but I couldn't sleep. I couldn't get comfortable, I couldn't shut my brain off. I felt like my body was vibrating: I was super awake. Then JP woke up around 1:30, and I nursed him back to sleep, but he was cranky and it was hard getting him to let go of me. I ended up staying in his bed with him until 5 a.m. He was sleeping: I was not.

When Patrick got up to get ready for work, he was surprised to find me in JP's bed. I'm sure we looked silly. It's a toddler bed, after all! I think those are intended for a single occupant. It was cozy! I'm just glad JP got to sleep. 

I stayed home from work yesterday because I expected to be exhausted, but I really wasn't - I couldn't nap. It was the strangest feeling. Instead I did a little housework, and watched a bunch of TV - old episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210. I think I have an after-the-fact crush on Luke Perry. Man that guy was good-looking! It's so clear to me that he should be with Brenda, and not Kelly. They make a much more striking couple. Jennie Garth is beautiful now but in the 90s she was kind of ordinary beautiful. Shannen Doherty was un-ordinary beautiful, with her crooked smile and big eyes and all that hair.

Wait, why the hell am I discussing this?

So, last night was a little rougher than Monday in that one of the actors was absent, and so was the music guy. It made a difference. A few changes were made in the book that I will need to pay attention to tonight. Some of the many-stepped light cues (i.e., there are several of them in a row) follow action by the actors, and they happen fast: I have to be paying attention. I need to take my usual supplies - post its, and an eraser for Charles. I guess the one we had in the alley didn't get packed up for the new space! I tried to buy pencils this weekend but I couldn't find the ones I usually get at Walgreen's - those mechanical pencils that are yellow, and twist at the bottom. Those are my favorite - I use them for everything. For some reason Walgreen's didn't have them. I'll have to stop at CVS on the way home from work and hope they have them.

Yes. The type of mechanical pencil I have in the booth makes a difference! The pencils Charles has up there right now have dull leads and busted erasers. It's an issue for us both. And for some reason I think that this kind of minute detail will interest you. Well?

One other thing to worry about: we still haven't done the curtain calls. City Garage curtain calls are notoriously overly complex. Fun to look at, but complicated to run.

Patrick and JP seem to be hanging in there OK. I think they had a fun night. JP was a little clingy with me before I left last night and this morning before leaving for school, but that's to be expected. He's the sweetest boy ever: I'm so lucky with him.

Tonight Bo is driving, and for that I am glad. I'm not totally wiped out but I anticipate by the end of the week I will be. On the other hand, maybe not: I'm much better at handling exhaustion now than I ever was in the past. Maybe all my fussing and worrying was for nothing.

Yeah, right! I'll keep you posted on how that works out!

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