Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Volkswagen Thrum

There should be a car model called "Thrum." I'm in love with this word!

I think Volkswagen should use it. They could dust off the gorgeous Karmann Ghia design and make a plug-in electric. I've been pitching this idea for awhile now, and VW doesn't seem to be listening. The time is ripe. Go for it, VW! I'm behind you 100%.

In fact, I think the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia "Thrum" would be awesome. I don't know if that's too many names or what, but the word thrum is very evocative (personal story, yeah, but it works) to me, and perfect for a humming little electric car. A plug-in, with classic Karmann Ghia styling, in 1980s "Pretty in Pink" inspired colors? Dude. Sign me up.

Molly Ringwald could be the spokesperson. (Wait, is Don Adams dead?*) Molly would be perfect. In the ads, hers would be (of course) dusty rose like the beater Andie drove in "Pretty in Pink," though I bet she'd look great in a bright yellow one, too. Maybe she could be trading in the Pretty in Pink version for a new one in the ad. I'm more likely to buy something from Molly than I would from Jennifer Lopez! Even the J.Lo branded underwear offends me!

(VW: I would like an olive green one, maybe a little darker than the example, with a dulce de leche colored interior, in some environmentally friendly fabric or faux leather materials. Thanks.)

*Don Adams, AKA Maxwell Smart, AKA Agent 86, died in 2005.

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