Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Topic Thursday

Let's bulletize!
  • I had that X song "Nausea" in my head all night. (Example: "nausea... bloody red eyes go to nausea... bloody red eyes go to nausea... bloody red eyes go to sleep..." Except I couldn't sleep.)
  • I think my feet have shrunk. I know they were bigger when I was pregnant because I had to buy a couple of pairs of shoes a half size bigger. Then, my old size 8 shoes started fitting again. Now I have to use those rubbery heel protector things in some of them because my feet keep slipping out. What's up with that?
  • My doctor recommended that I start taking calcium "due to my age." Thanks doc, I was just starting to feel like 40 wasn't that old. Proving that you're only as old as you feel/act, I haven't started taking it yet. Fuck you, lady! You're not the boss of me!
  • Two of my co-workers are discussing the Twilight books and the "level of writing." They're all, "it's a 7th or 9th grade level." Really? That high? In their defense, I think they're being critical of the author. Not in their defense: WHY ARE YOU READING THOSE STUPID BOOKS? I might have to kill them.
  • "I might have to kill them/her" has become a catchphrase for me. I should probably not use it that often. In my defense, I totally don't mean it. Duh.
  • "In my defense" - add it to the list.
  • This Saturday is the cue-to-cue for my next adventure with City Garage. I'm nervous. It's going to be a lot of work and driving and I'm going to miss evenings with my boy for a week while I'm in tech rehearsals (I'm only going to one week of tech and that scares me too!) and oh yeah, I'm going to be TIRED. I'm tired now! Add a week of driving to and from Santa Monica - ! On the other hand (using this phrase a lot again lately too!) working with these guys is so much fun and I'm excited to see the new space and the show. And the director called me "Charles' angel," which I love. She knows how to work me. (Charles is the set, lighting and sound designer. Also her husband.)
  • I've been reading Murakami's 1Q84 on my iPhone. It's amazing - I love Murakami! But I think I need an iPad. Who wants to hook me up?
  • In a few short months I've become a coffee addict. This is worrisome. Do I have an addictive personality? (You think?)
  • I really need a breakfast burrito this morning.
  • Between President Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama's speeches at the Democratic convention, my cynicsm about politics and politicians has been alleviated a little.
  • I got a chance to practice for about an hour about a week ago, and I worked on the Mucynski flute + clarinet duets. There's one that has a couple of bars of high notes - Bflat to A. Those fingers don't always work that great for me when I'm rusty, but I figured it out (and probably drove the neighbors crazy; repetition was my friend that night) and really got it flying. I haven't played my flute since then, but the feeling I had of getting that to sound better, and fixing a problem, and liking what I was hearing: I love that. I miss that.
  • There's just not enough time to do everything.

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