Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Avoiding the real world with a meme

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have three super cute, chock full of personality kitty cats, one of whom (Franny!) is sitting on my lap right now.

What is the last book you read?

Jesus, I'm ashamed to admit it but it was "R is for Ricochet" by Sue Grafton.

What's your favorite sport?
Seriously? Probably "none."

Do you enjoy sleeping late?
Hell. Yes.

Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?
Scrambled, but I love a fried egg with a tamale.

Is your room messy?  

What do you like better: apples or oranges? 
Oranges. Tangerines. Nectarines. Blood oranges.

Are you a good guesser?
No. And I hate doing it, too.

Can you read other people's expressions?
Some people.

Do you have a job?

What time did you wake up this morning?
8:30 a.m.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? 
A big bowl of popcorn and a diet coke. What?

What do you plan on doing tomorrow?

What's your favorite day of the week and why? 
Friday. My bonus day off.

Do you have any nicknames?  
Yes. Bean, Beans, Beansie. My dad calls me "Woman." Somebody used to call me "Bunny." I actually enjoyed this.

What's your least favorite color?

Would you ever go skydiving?
Probably not.

What toothpaste do you use?
Patrick picked up some good stuff yesterday but I don't know what kind it is. It's blue.  

Do you enjoy challenges?
Depends on the challenge. 

What's the worst injury you have had?
I've been lucky; I really have never injured myself all that badly.

What's the last movie you saw?
Grease 2. That Maxwell Caulfield was hunky. 

What is your dream vacation?
Somewhere lazy, with pretty stuff to look at and good things to eat and drink, and no responsibilities.

What is your favorite animal?
Cats, dogs, bears.

Do you need to do laundry? 
Constantly. Doing it isn't the issue, putting it away is. 

What color are your bed sheets?
Just got some new ones, which are cream with a orange-y paisley pattern. Pretty.

How do you like your coffee? 
I very rarely drink coffee, but when I do, I like it with lots of cream and sugar. I also occasionally like caramel macchiatos from Starbucks. Oh, and if my brother makes me a latte, I love those.

Do you watch cartoons?
Not really. I get very annoyed very quickly. 

Name three things in the world you dislike:
Poorly designed parking lots; jaywalking; A Prairie Home Companion

Would you ever have plastic surgery?
I don't think so.

Name 10 things I'd like to accomplish within the next year:
1. More flute playing
2. Convince Stewart Copeland to come to City Garage
3. Read something more literary than Kinsey Millhone mysteries
4. Clean up my home office and get it looking nicer
5. Lose 10 pounds
6. Get pregnant? Maybe?
7. Pay off a credit card
8. Upgrade to a new flute
9. Go see more movies in the theater
10. Return my last Netflix movie, which I've been sitting on for more than a month!

My Favorites:
Restaurant: La Casita Mexicana, The India Restaurant, Enrique's
Season: Spring
Type of weather: Warm and breezy
Emotion: Contentment
Color: Blue
Candy: Hershey bar with almonds; California Brittle from See's
Fruit: Blackberries, kiwi, pineapple
Veggie: Beets
Dessert: That crazy budino pudding from Pizzeria Mozza.
Type of cake: Yellow with chocolate frosting
Magazine: New Yorker
TV Show: American Pickers
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Flower: Any. Blue, pink, purple... whatever. Flowers are pretty. Oh, how sweet of you! Thank you.

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