Thursday, March 4, 2010

So I have strange taste in books

I started reading Sue Grafton's "alphabet" mystery series this week. I've known about these books since my days at Crown, when I sort of used to snicker about them. Hey: I was a snob, my mistake.

Anyway, it's funny, but I'm sort of addicted right now. I'm on F is for Fugitive. I think I'm in love with Kinsey Millhone. I'm picturing her in my mind, I want to be her when I grow up.

Somehow I love being lost in fictional Santa Teresa. I think Patrick and I should take a trip there (or, to Santa Barbara, which actually exists). Kinsey is younger than me (she ages slowly over the course of the books; Grafton's only on "U is for Something Irene Can't Remember," but she started writing these books 20 years ago, and at the time, Kinsey was 32. I don't think she's quite 40 yet), and she's a great character.

I'm picturing her as Trini Alvarado, or Justine Bateman. Fluffy short hair, strong - both those actresses are in their 40s but they could play 32 easily, I think.

I think what I mostly love is Kinsey's schedule. She works for herself, so she gets up when she wants, takes off when she wants, goes for a run when she wants... sure, she gets shot at or occasionally falls in the path of a bomb (a BOMB!? Sue Grafton, what the hell were you thinking?), and I'm a little tired of each story requiring a death defying feat of strength and/or wits - couldn't Kinsey solve a crime without getting beat up? - but hey, these books are terrific escapism, and I am all about that right now.

Now all I need is a beach to lie on while I read 'em.

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