Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Water bug?

There was a water bug/cockroach sighting in my office this morning.

Clear on the other side of the office, sure, but here. Within these four walls. There are four people, a large printer, a larger copier and a water cooler between me and the desk the creature was seen on (riding my co-worker's stapler, apparently. I have a stapler; I'm looking at it right now. It's rider-free at the moment. I just wiped it down with a disinfecting wipe. Are stapler-riding cockroaches a sign of the apocalypse?), but between all the fuss and indecision that usually accompanies bug sightings of this size (apparently the thing was massive so nobody wanted to smush it outright), s/he got away, I think by running under the copier.

My office has two doors. One is next to my desk, and the other one is by the desk of my co-worker who was (unknowingly) harboring a water bug. In fact, our two cubicles are mirror images of each other. I hope that water bugs/cockroaches know left from right.

What with all the food we eat in this office and the crumb-laden toaster (next to the printer I mentioned in the paragraph above), it's no surprise that there would be bugs in here. That doesn't make me feel better. I have to use that copier eventually.

I cleaned the tape dispenser too. You never know.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, waterbug is a nice name.
    Like putting lipstick and a designer dress on the local floosie so she seems moderately respectable and far less frightening.
    Except no amount of make up can disguise the vile nature of the indestructable bug that befouls the lives of millions.
    I killed a cockroach just the other night when he tried to sneak under the back door of my basement. I hit him full force in the face with some raid.
    Eat that disease ridden, armor encrusted satanic bug.