Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I forgot this! I'm sorry!

I think you all remember this: a friend from, what? Elementary school!? Who I haven't seen in 20 years! Who now lives in France! My friend (Terry) contacted me a few months back when I started writing about my mom and has been very sweet and encouraging to us both. He sent over a medal he won for running in the Paris marathon, and my mom was touched by that.

Two Fridays ago (on April 23), Terry was in town visiting his parents, and we arranged for him to meet my mom. It felt like we were planning a little reunion!

Traffic on the 405 being what it is (unpredictable, annoying, and slow), I was about 5 minutes late for our meeting, so Terry beat me to the house, and was already in the kitchen chatting with my mom when I arrived. I was sorry to be late but glad they got a few moments to talk. Terry and my mom hit it off and later, she told me that she really enjoyed his "enthusiasm." Terry is definitely a personable guy, and very easy to talk to. He's a good listener, and engaged my mom in a conversation on faith and hope, topics my mother is becoming a bit of an expert on.

It was a nice visit, and we thank him for it. Really, it was so thoughtful. You're a good guy, Terry! I hope your family appreciates you! We sure do!

Dude was not this tall last time I saw him!

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