Monday, May 17, 2010


Wow, that was a quick weekend. Here are the highlights:

Friday: My mom had chemotherapy. Her nurse was sweet; two of the other oncology nurses cut their hair similar to mine, reminding me that it's time for a trim. Afterwards, we went to Sizzler for lunch. We went to Sizzler on Mother's Day, and before this second trip in the span of what? Two weeks? I hadn't been to Sizzler in YEARS. It was pretty good. Their salad bar looks small when you think about Souplantation, but really, I loaded up on veggies and it was damn good.

Afterwards I had a rehearsal with the other flutists I'm playing with for a little recital we're having next Sunday. It went okay. I should be better prepared, but that's always how I feel at this point. We're meeting again tonight, and hopefully I'll feel better about it.

Saturday: Our friend Brian's grand opening of his brewery! Patrick's band Suffering Luna played at the party which took place at Blue Star Restaurant (just down the street from the brewery), Brian's beer was very tasty (and, as I found out later, an award winner), and the bands were fun. (You can read a couple articles and blog posts about Brian and the brewery here, here, and here. There's also a MySpace page.) This is only the second performance for Suffering Luna that I've been able to go to, and as always, I get pretty excited seeing Patrick play. Here's one photo I took with my iPhone; video to follow later, maybe. 

That's Sean on guitar, Messy on vocals, Taz on bass, and Patrick, of course, on drums.

After the show, Patrick took me to my favorite restaurant, La Casita Mexicana. It was a great day, full of yummy beer and food, music, and fun.

Sunday: I finally started in on the mountain of laundry. And that's enough said about that. I headed on up to Santa Monica to do the show, and that was a lot of fun. Turns out we sold out! Afterward, the audience was invited to stick around for a Q&A with the cast and the creative staff. Some interesting questions, and comments, and lots of positive stuff going on.

When I got home, I wondered where my weekend had gone, watched some of the edited video from Saturday night, watched a little Iron Chef America, and then I went to bed.

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  1. You have a friend who owns a brewery?! Dude!